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  1. HAISA

Tracked at Emerald Age
Mixed by Jeremy Craw


what have you got to show for yourself
picking your nails hair pouring black
a closet of cloths to burry your heart in
I'm the worst woman I've ever know
stuck in my mud but still I'm appealing
my legs to low to hold myself up
my lips to closed my own self can't hear me
I'm the worst man I've ever known

How am I staying alive
trapped in my soul not my body

I am not nice to the ones who love me
I try to get away with whatever I can
the best thing I've done is keep you far from me But if you care to sink you're welcome to join me
I won't take blame although I am sorry
leaching of work that others have done
it feels all wrong each step becomes heavy
I guess I'm to dumb to figure it out

How am I staying alive
Trapped in my soul not my body